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Getting Your First ‘Yes’ From an Investor


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Waseem Daher
April 6, 2022
Getting Your First ‘Yes’ From an Investor

The hardest part of raising money is getting your first investor to say “yes”—once that’s happened, you’ll be surprised at how many more suddenly want to get on board as well. Which of course prompts the question: how do you get that first “yes”?

Join me and Sequoia Partner Jess Lee on April 21st for a webinar on exactly this topic.

There’s no silver bullet, but the most important question to consider is: how are you going to create excitement around the concept, the team, and the opportunity? How do you convince an investor to make the leap to back you?

This is a struggle for every company at every stage. Even for us at Pilot, despite it being our third venture with a proven team, getting the first firm to commit to our Series A was a hair-raising and anxiety-inducing process.

I’m looking forward to this webinar, where you’ll get fundraising insights from both sides of the table, and field-tested advice on getting in front of the right investors for your business, perfecting your pitch, and drumming up excitement around you and what your startup is doing. 

Register now to save your spot on April 21st for "How to get your first investor to say “yes” ".

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