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Watch: Making Sense of the CARES Act and the PPP


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Laura Knight
April 8, 2020
Watch: Making Sense of the CARES Act and the PPP

Since the CARES Act was passed into law March 27, there’s been a lot of confusion around how it will work in practice – particularly the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) component aimed at small business. We’ve been keeping tabs on the latest PPP news as it develops.

On April 8, Pilot’s CEO and co-founder Waseem Daher sat down with Lewis Hower, Managing Director, Startup Banking at Silicon Valley Bank to host a live event on the PPP, and everything we currently know about it. 

Watch the Session Here

Waseem and Lewis covered some of the biggest questions around the PPP for startups:

  • Qualification, including potential issues for VC-backed companies
  • Loan amounts, and how calculating eligible payroll may be complex
  • What we do and don’t know about loan forgiveness
  • Q&A from attendees

You can view the recording here . To stay informed on the latest news on PPP and other tools to manage the current economic situation, visit our resource page at pilot.com/covid-guide-for-startups .

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